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Semi-permanent coloring for soft, pastel shades, or when used as a toner. The effect and shine of the shades change depending on the base hair color, and the addition of Diamond Clear.

Best results are achieved on ultra light hair. Order all six tints, Diamond Clear, and Catalyst, to start. For a softer, lighter result, mix the color with Diamond to reduce the intensity. Extraordinary sheen to the hair can be achieved simply by using Diamond without mixing it with other shades.

PPD and resorcinal free, the creamy consistency and pigmentation lends exceptional softness, richness of tone and luminosity.

Mix 1:1 with Pastiss Conditioning Catalyst. Apply on dry hair for greater color intensity, then set from 5 minutes (for softer shades) to 15 minutes (for more decided tones). Emulsify with water, then rinse.

Nouvelle Pastiss semi permanent hair colouring

Pastiss - The Delicate Shades of Pastel Colors

Best if used on Level 9 or higher hair. Washes out in 15 to 20 shampooings. 

None of our products are tested on animals, and none of our ingredients are sourced from environmentally sensitive regions of the world.