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Shipping & Delivery

We ship daily from Monday through Friday.  Our standard carrier is United Parcel Service.  For customers in the contiguous 48 states, orders under $100 are subject to a flat rate shipping charge of $15.00 and orders of $100 or more are shipped free.  For customers outside the contiguous 48 states, your order is normally shipped by UPS Ground, and we are not able to offer discounted or free shipping. 

Orders generally arrive about 3 days after you place them, but shipping to your community may be subject to UPS's ability to reach you because of weather, national holidays, etc.  We suggest you make it a practice of evaluating your weekly needs every Thursday so that you can order at least what you will need for the following week.  Orders placed on Thursday may be on your doorstep on Tuesday, although we cannot make that a guarantee. Please Note:  Shipments should be thoroughly inspected for damage prior to signing the carrier's delivery receipt.  If no signature, a picture of the carton and a picture of any damaged products would be required to allow us to submit a damage report to the carrier.

Planning based on your appointment book will ensure you have what you need when you need it.  The alternative to planning is either to stock larger quantities of products, "just in case" or re-scheduling an appointment until you do have the product you need.  Let's work together to avoid those alternatives.

Privacy & Security

Quite simply, we do not share your information with anyone.  We employ information protection methods to protect us from unwanted access to your account and take every step we can to prevent internet fraud.  Credit card information you provide us when ordering is discarded immediately after your card purchase is authorized.  While this means you must provide that information each time you place an order, we believe this small inconvenience will protect your credit, if our system does fail to prevent access from cyber criminals. 

Returns & Replacements

We promise to promptly replace any product damaged in shipment.  Also, you may return any unopened product for a full credit for the amount you paid at the time of purchase.  Please contact your representative to arrange for shipment of these products.  Or, you may call 800-857-5804 extension 1115 to facilitate the return.


You are not authorized to shop on this site until you have registered with us.  Further, when you register you will be required to provide us with information regarding your license to apply beauty products in the state where you work.  Many of our products require application only by a licensed professional.  The RS and Simply Man product lines are terrific styling products with varying levels of hold and shine.  They are also meant as retail products and may be ordered by you, a professional, and sold with your guidance as to how to use these sophisticated products.  

By registering as a customer with us you implicitly agree that you will not re-sell any product to a retail outlet (such as a beauty supply store) or from an online website.  It is our intention to have all Nouvelle and Eslabondexx products sold in salons and nowhere else.  Should we find that professional or retail products are being offered for sale outside of our customer base, we will take legal action to stop such activity.  Further, we reserve the right to impose legal sanctions, to have a court impound any products being offered, and to terminate the shopping privilege of the person or persons who provided the products offered.

Payment, Pricing & Promotions

Payment:  Your order will not be completed until your credit card has been cleared by the owner bank or until the check you submit has cleared our bank.  We do not extend credit to our customers, but you may apply for PayPal Credit as an accepted payment method.  Such credit decisions are made between PayPal and you; we are not a party to the extension of credit.

Pricing:  The price of our products is subject to the whims of exchange rates between the United States and Italy, or other countries with whom we trade.  We will do our best to make pricing adjustments infrequent so that market whims do not effect your business.  Temporary or introductory pricing on newly introduced products will be subject to change, and an advisory will be provided as to when the offer will expire.

Promotions:  Product promotions may be offered from time to time.  Often, these promotions will include the bundling of products, or include bonus packaging or complementary products in order to induce you to purchase.  There may be times when the supply of these promotional products will be limited and we reserve the right to remove the promotion if it is no longer possible for us to properly fulfill the order. 

Viewing Orders

You will be given the opportunity to view orders before you purchase them, and to review your order at any time later by going to Account where you will see a summary of all your recent activity.  Also, your customer service representative has the ability to view your orders and may assist you if needed.

Updating Account Information

Please check your choices, addresses and contact information by checking your Account from time to time.  There you will also be able to allow us to send you a monthly newsletter, or not.  We hope you do subscribe to the newsletter since we work very hard to provide educational articles plus notices of when and where there will be a beauty show we are attending, or a training we offer, and more.