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Applying bleach

The Finest Quality Lighteners Formulated to Meet Your Needs


Whatever the challenge your client poses, we have a lightener to meet the challenge. You can't go wrong with these ultra-fine bleaches on hand.  Choose from Decoflash Blue powder; Decoflash White Cream for working close to the scalp; Freestyle Deco our gum-based lightener for free-hand techniques without the need for foils; Mildeco Violet lightener that is also ammonia-free; and Eslabondexx™ Bleach powder for safe lightening up to 7 levels per service (and up to 3 services in one day) with damage protection built in.


NEW: Our Color Effective Deco 9 Bleach allows you to raise your client's level by 9 tones in one service


Can't Decide? Independent outside testing showed that Eslabondexx™ Bleach, even when used on moderately distressed, previously lightened hair, left the newly-lightened hair in better condition than when the client entered the salon. Our Decoflash Blue powder is much finer and more economical than other bleaches in its price range, making it the choice of professionals in a marketplace where prices are highly competitive.