keep-it-funWe know you are in the beauty business because you like helping people feel good about themselves. While some days are easier than others, we encourage you to “Keep it Fun.”

Laugh at something every day. Keep that happy moment with you right up until bedtime, then start tomorrow knowing you will have a new, fun memory that night.

One of the ways to improve your day is to use products that work, and that work consistently for you every day. This takes stress out of your client’s service and allows you to fulfill their wish knowing that your product won’t let you down. All our products must meet exacting standards, they are made in our own factories and so, they are absolutely consistent. So many brands out there are inconsistent mostly because the companies that own the brand "shop around" for different manufacturers who will make a product or ingredient more cheaply for them.

So, when a client service comes out "different," what happened? Did you make a mistake? Is it the humidity? Did the client treat their hair with some home remedy? Think about this:

  • When your products perform consistently, you can be confident that your skills will rule the day. Go for it!