We are so happy to announce the arrival of 9 of the 12 new Eslabondexx™ Styling Products that were launched at Cosmoprof Bologna in March. With Eslabondexx™ on the label, you know our famous Nio-Protect Technology is built in. That means the latest technological advances are an integral part of every one of these products. You will be pleased and proud to recommend the right Eslabondexx™ products for your customers's hair type, styling needs and environmental exposure.

Eslabondexx Styling

And, rest assured, none of these products will show up in a discount retail store. We are committed to your success! Knowing your customer, and making a personal recommendation not only strengthens your relationship, but, with the results they are likely to get, they will love you even more. Take a look right now. 

Please note: Several of these products have jumped off the shelf.  We are awaiting a re-supply from Italy, so please be patient.