The nationwide shutdown really hurt our business, just as it hurt many of our customers. Then, our landlord broke our lease. Moving and re-establishing our business when we had already shed all of our staff, when we were only able to keep the lights on, and after we had exhausted our financial reserves, we had no choice but to close.

What does this mean to you? If you are using Eslabondexx products, you should create an account with Art of Business, who have been selling Eslabondexx products in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. They have agreed to take orders from Nouvelle USA customers.

If you are looking for Nouvelle's world-wide brands, go to where you can order products directly from the manufacturer, H.S.A. Cosmetics in Italy.

Please understand that ordering direct means that you must buy in case lots (a case of color, for example, is 36 tubes), and your minimum order is six cases. Plus, you would be charged for shipping, expecting arrival in 2-6 weeks depending on your choice of air freight or surface.

Nouvelle-US would welcome inquiries from national or regional distributors, as well. Call 800-857-5804.